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Tomorrow Begins the Magic Foods Challenge

A lovely Saturday day....

Hello everyone! When it's time to make a change, especially at the first onset of hot weather, this is one of my "tricks" of the trade that I love to share which will help to achieve some outstanding change. I invite you to share with me what changes will come as they come throughout the next 14 days. STARTING MONDAY the 20th of April.

Being open to change and elimination of foods is very helpful in incorporating this Magic Foods List. It’s benefits and outstanding results have been proven time and time again.

Here are the choices of what to do with the Magic Foods Challenge:

Lean Proteins

Starchy Carbs **

Fibrous Carbs

Beef (lean)

Basmati Rice


Chicken Breast

Brown Rice





Eggs and Egg Whites

Corn Tortillas






Cream of Rice Cereal



Jasmine Rice




Green Peppers








Sweet Potato

Red Peppers



Romaine, green leaf or other green lettuce (no iceburg lettuce)






String beans

Turkey Breast

Swiss Chard


Yellow Peppers

Whey Protein


** if you MUST have fruit, it will be considered a starchy carb due to it’s sugar content.

Meals are simple - you should be eating food every 3-4 hours. The first meal begins within 1 hour of waking up.

For each meal pick one food from each group. It’s as simple as that. Serving sizes are 3-4 ozs for proteins and 4 ozs for starchy carbs and 6-8ozs for fibrous carbs unless it’s an item such as a potato where you would have a medium sized one.

At first, if you wish, you can do equal servings of all 3 food groups. The serving sizes can be roughly the same and you will not have to measure the amounts, but eventually your best results will be when the serving sizes are as above.

Don’t eat within 1 ½ hour before you workout and cease eating 3 hours before bed.

Drink plenty of water! Multiply your body weight x .62 and that is how many ounces of water you need to have per day not counting what you drink when you workout. You must get at least 5-6 meals in per day.

One or two meals may be a Meal Replacement (MRP) but I suggest real food.

It is okay to eat lunch for breakfast and dinner for breakfast, etc.

Seasonings and marinates should be low in salt or salt-free, ideally they should also be sugar-free, and fat free. Homemade marinades are best.

Supplement Suggestions:

Multi vitamin , EFA (essential fatty acids, including fish oil), Joint Repair (including MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin), MRP (Meal Replacement Shake) - ASK ME ABOUT THESE!

Meal Samples:

The examples below are only examples and should not be taken as written in stone.

Example A

Meal 1

Multi vitamin/EFA/Joint Repair

Egg white omelet with 1 egg + 2 whites

Bell pepper slices


Meal 2

Tofu sauté with Peppers


Meal 3





Meal 4

Multi vitamin and MRP shake

Meal 5

EFA/Joint Repair


Brown rice


Example B

Meal 1

Multi vitamin/EFA/Joint Repair

Cream of Rice cereal

Add maple extract and Stevia, if desired

Leftover steamed broccoli from the night before

Meal 2

MRP shake

Meal 3



Rice Cakes or cherry tomatoes

Carrots and celery

Meal 4

Multi vitamin and MRP shake

Meal 5

EFA/Joint Repair


New potatoes

Green beans

Other Notes and Suggestions:

* Use olive oil for cooking or an olive oil spray (try the Whole Foods Market)

* Use oil and vinegar for salad. No diet dressings, etc. Consult the internet or your recipe books for homemade dressings with an olive oil base.

* Consider using Stevia as a sweetener to dress up the hot cereals or the special pancake recipe following below. Another good sweetener for hot cereals is an extract like maple or vanilla.

4 egg whites and 1/3 c dry oatmeal. Mix and add maple extract or vanilla extract and Stevia, pour 1 large pancake or two into a heated pan with little olive oil or cooking spray. Carefully flip over. These are good hot or cold. Sounds strange, but is filling and has a good texture. If you must use an artificial sweetner, consider “Torani Syrup” in the sugar-free version available from World Market in vanilla, hazelnut, strawberry, etc. Good!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I have fruit, it’s so good for you?
A. If you can avoid fruit, it will yield different, if not better results. This is a sugar elimination program because fruit has natural sugars.

Q. What about my latte or sugar-free, fat-free mocha?

A. NO DAIRY ALLOWED. Dairy has natural sugars.

Q. How about diet soda? It has no sugar!

A. NO carbonated beverages AT ALL!

Q. What can I drink?

A. Water, tea, iced tea, black coffee

Q. I like to snack on nuts, is that okay?

A. NO fats allowed other than EFAs and olive oil or cooking spray

Q. Can I cheat on this plan?

A. Research on the 90/10% rule has shown no negative effects with 2 cheat meals per week

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You can do it! Others have done it before! It’s a mindset!

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