Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Three - Spring Challenge

Good day! The night is rough only because I ate too late and now I am sick to my stomache!! UGH!

Cream of Wheat w/cinammon
Egg beaters

(too long!)
Brown rice
Salmon grilled
Steamed vegie medley

(too soon?? but I was hungry!!)
2 corn tortillas
grilled, sliced beef
lettuce & salsa

1/2 tiny baked potatoe
leftover short ribs
green beans
2 tsp MYLANTA!! UGH!

I am in need of the rest. I love beef, but the late beef was not good. I woulda been better off with some protein shake that late!




Joe said...

3 pounds in 3 days!

Sam said...

I went to the Dr. about my "mid" finger and got weighed!! ARGH!! Been doing well and eating right, drinking right, and love the Greens first!!! Easy way to get my veggies!! Love ya Bethy!! CU tomorrow!!! Sam

Beth said...

Sahweet! You guys rock! So glad to hear that you are feeling well and gettin on top of things SAM and JOE!
Awesome!! See ya soon!!