Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Two - Spring Challenge

Today went great and as normal, I always feel pretty good by the first few days!

Cream of wheat with cinammon
Broccoli (raw)
Protein shake

Spring salad
Veggies galore
Chicken breast pieces
Egg whites

1/2 Tomatoe
Eggplant and garlic with olive oil
Rotisserie chicken

Tiny baked potatoe
Green beans steamed
Lean lamb grilled

WHEW! I am thinking about grapes, but guess I will go to bed now...

Today was so hot, here's hoping for a better and more cool tomorrow!

C'MON, what did you eat???????????????? Keep it up ladies and gents! It's only the beginning and you will be thankful in another 2 days if you behave!


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