Monday, September 4, 2017



How has your holiday weekend been?  Hope you enjoy your day.  Many have not yet started the challenge but will be ready to go for this week!  Here's a repeat of our first post:

A Challenge to be Our Best Self  
We will encourage the Magic Foods List and we know that there are some other methods that may be ideal for you.  Ask for help and let's get things on track so we can all hit the ground running on Friday.

Things to think about....

1. How do I visualize me as my best self?  How long will it take for me to get there and what makes me most ready to work on this now?

2. What is HFCS and how does it help or hurt my progress to my best self?

3. Am I ready to apply the 90/10 rule or am I more of an 80/20?
Have a good Monday and see you soon!



Ladams said...

Good morning! House guests are gone after a long weekend together. I'm planning and shopping today, preparing to officially start the challenge tomorrow. Please give me ideas on quick grab-n-go breakfasts. I leave myself almost 10 minutes from shower "ready" to the car each morning. I typically grab a cliff bar and my coffee.

Beth Humphrey said...

Awesome Laurie! Grab-n-go would be some oatmeal blips that you have cooked in advance. Cook them, maybe add protein powder if you wish then scoop into "blips" onto a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet (or cutting board) and throw into freezer until they are solid. Grab them all and put into a Ziploc bag. In the morning, grab one and microwave it while getting ready then before you go, scoop into a travel cup/mug/etc. with a plastic spoon and gobble it on the way or just bring it with you to work and nuke it once you get there. This can typically work with a piece of fruit when off the MFL but for now, you can add some crunchy veggies.

Another idea are microwaved eggy scramble. Do you like eggs?

Thanks for the comment. It was lost this week!!!