Sunday, August 27, 2017


A Challenge to be Our Best Self  starts on Friday 9/1

We will encourage the Magic Foods List and we know that there are some other methods that may be ideal for you.  Ask for help and let's get things on track so we can all hit the ground running on Friday.

Things to think about....

1. How do I visualize my best self?  How long will it take for me to get there and what makes me most ready now?

2. What is HFCS and how does it help or hurt my progress to my best self?

3. Am I ready to apply the 90/10 rule or am I more of an 80/20?

Please reply and comment to this discussion and let's get everyone thinking about our best healthy self.


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Beth Humphrey said...

Testing for our first comment! Testing testing 1-2-3!!