Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 2 - 11/15

It was a good day with regard to MFL but a late sleep and still sick. Good news 10/31 was unofficial start and doctor weigh-in. Wait, that was not the best of news. Today was. I went to the doc today for this flu and learned I lost 6 pounds these last two weeks. The highlight of the day. Hopefully that visit will result in better news with a negative strep test...


Only two meals today. 


Morning coffee



Up eggs


Spinach and mushrooms

Homemade chicken soup with potatoes

Melonsalata (grilled eggplant, red onion garlic and tomato topped with smoky salt


Monday, November 14, 2016

Official Day 1 of Magic Foods List - 11/14/16

Been sick all weekend but have been incorporating the Magic Foods List (MFL) since 10/31 with the exception of a weekend in Seattle and Grandkids plus dinner out one night and another evening out this past week. It's not that bad one you get the hang of it and I am starting to feel better!

After my annual physical a few weeks ago, it really sunk in that my work environment in a sedentary day job has made it easy for me to put on unwanted pounds. Not teaching at the gym hasn't helped. I am making it into the gym a little bit, but not nearly enough. Thankfully I can still whip through a strenuous hike with no problem. Really time to get this all worked on!

Hardest thing on MFL is being prepared. Once you get past the initial 3-4 days, it's easier and you feel so good! The food is satisfying and actually a lot more than you can imagine.  The weekend consisted of healthy meals but not so much prep as I'd hoped. Here are the highlights and big thanks to my handsome and supportive husband who is on board with me as well...he is a great cook!

2 poached eggs
Roasted potatoes
Sliced tomatoes
Greens First capsules**

Tuna with rice cakes
Celery sticks

Grilled salmon
Brown rice cooked with vegetable broth and spike seasoning
Grilled baby bok choy

1 egg
Scoop of brown rice
Greens First capsules **

Egg salad made with Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise (made with avocado oil and no sugar) Capers for topping
Rice cakes
Celery sticks

Filet mignon
Boiled potatoes in vegetable broth with garden chives
Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes with Homemade Dressings Italian Garden Salad Dressing Mix (with herbs and no sugar)

OTHER NOTES: I usually reserve black coffee for the weekends and find that if I want a tasty creamer substitute (which I can do without), Better Half Dairy Free Unsweetened Coconut Cream  Almondmilk can be a tasty addition.


EFA (omega and fish oils) are consumed 1x a day along with other necessary vitamins.

Vitamins are included in my daily where there is a deficit of nutrients or where they have a specific benefit to me, healthwise. Ask if you have questions.

Finally, send questions or comment! If you are interested in a copy of the Magic Foods List or complimentary information-packed Camp Manual that will help motivate you and give you ideas for working out and nutrition, please let me know. The Camp Manual needs to be mailed, so email me your address.

Stay focused on health and taking care of yourself!


BBQd salmon and extra for the week's preparation