Sunday, September 10, 2017


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...Getting back to our first post, did you know what HFCS is?

HFCS is High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Have you noticed it is in so many products?  It's mind-boggling.  A man made substance is used by food manufacturers because it enhances their profits.  Its cheap!

Cereal, pasta sauce, cookies (not on the Magic Foods List), ketchup, meal replacement bars, salad dressings, sandwich bread are just some of the examples of where you will see this listed.

It didn't even hit the food market until about the 1970s and it is very toxic!  Your body does not process the calories in this substance but it's not the corn syrup that is the problem, it's the FRUCTOSE - a sugar that naturally occurs in fruit, honey, etc.  It's made up of two substances in fact.  GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE.  Glucose can be burned as a source of immediate energy, stored in your liver or muscles for later use.  However, fructose is not used as an immediate source of energy, it metabolizes into fat.

While the fructose you get naturally through fruit and honey won't make you fat, eating HFCS can be compared to setting up an IV that pumps fat directly into your gut.  The worst offenders?  Soda...

Although sugar in general should be consumed in moderation, stay away from HFCS.  If you do have any sugar, keep it as sugar, cane sugar or sucrose,

What can you eliminate from your refrigerator now?  Surely there will be at least a few items that have HFCS.  If you are looking for substitutes, please ask!

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