Monday, September 11, 2017


It's Day 1 again...starting 14 full days of your own plan or a plan we can help you with!  Magic Foods List is always a great option, it's been a bit more tough for me though because I have been doing a lot of vegan meals over the past few months.  Here's one of my meals today that was a grab-n-go lunch while on the road in between classes and teaching.

  • Leftover salmon
  • Kimchi
  • Cherry tomatoes

Leftovers are NOT a thing of the past!

Yum!!  Tonight will be a big salad with many fixins, some oil, vinegar and lemon along side a cup of Allison's homemade Tomato Un-Bisque!

More food prep will take place tomorrow for the rest of the busy week.  Doesn't take a lot of work only ziplock bags, Tupperware-type containers and room in the fridge and freezer.

Where do you need the most information, help and ideas?  Just let us know!


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