Thursday, July 31, 2008


Do you need some motivation???

I am presenting once again (and by popular demand) the Summer Challenge to all of you who choose to participate. The Challenge will begin on Friday, August 1 with an “official kick-off” date of Monday, August 4. For those of my clients and friends who did this Challenge back in March, they certainly remember how difficult yet rewarding it was! All lost at least 5 pounds and some as much as 11!

This weekend will give you time to prepare for Monday’s kick off. Do feel free to ask questions this weekend once I get your Challenge rules and incentives to you this weekend. This time around, we will go for 3 weeks! 21 days.

I will be ready to record your information on Monday, August 4 to do weight and any other starting statistics you choose.

Will you play? The Challenge Magic Foods List will be posted this evening when I am at my home server!

Again, please ask me questions via e-mail otherwise the rules and incentives will be sent to you in the next few days.

Here are a few items of importance about the Challenge:

  • Please do note that if you do not choose to partake in using the Magic Foods List as your eating regime but still wish to participate in the overall Challenge of eating better and making a change, that is great! Some of you are already on great eating plans!
  • This Challenge is open to everyone… clients, friends and family! Get other people on board.
  • My new Beach Body website and role as your “on-line” coach will be an optional companion to add to the Challenge excitement. You will learn more about that once I send the rules and incentives to you on Saturday!

For thought: about your goals and desired outcome:

Generally, I do NOT focus on pounds loss, but with this particular plan, pounds will be lost – so, consider that and then considser your most pressing goals and answer below.

What is your desired outcome for this challenge (choose one!)?

a. Weight loss

b. Fat loss (body-fat measurement)

c. Waist and hip measurement loss

What other categories of milestone, success, etc. do you wish to be rewarded for?

Please share your thoughts! And feel free to post and ask questions on my blog.

Hear from you very soon!

Good luck!