Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Busy life, good nutrition and good laughs!

A day in the life. Busy. Well thought out and organized! Tonight: Bison...It's What's For Dinner. A bit lean and tastes close to beef. Even just knowing I was eating "bison" made that first mouthful seem weird, but it was good! I added some ghee when I was cooking it up. My favorite fast beef fix is ground beef (bison, etc.), diced organic onions, diced organic zucchini, organic garlic and organic canned fire-roasted diced tomatoes, fresh coarse celtic sea salt and pepper. Mmmm served with basmati rice. The organic, gluten free cuisine is going great these days. It's amazing how good I feel generally. The integrity of food (one of my favorite lines) these days is just not the same as it was many years ago. The extra money for organic is definitely worth it. Good think I can cook! The laughs...it's important to laugh! Get nutty and have some fun. More to come!