Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Challenge - Day Two of 21

So, today was a little different because I was OFF most of the day!

I found things to be fine except in the afternoon, I just WANTED to have an additional snack, but I didn't go there. Must have been just because I was home and my mind was tricking me!

9:30 - a cheat meal for the week :)
protein shake
homemade chocolate chip pancakes
latte w/ milk

chix breast
brown rice


prawns w/ olive oil
brown rice
bell peppers

small chicken salad

I ate late but was hungry after camp. Might have been just fine with a MRP, but I am always on the road, so being at home was nice to eat heated and homemade meals!

Off to a long day.....





Cheri Matthews said...

I'm still alive!

I've had just a few panicked moments upon discovering that I must have a high metabolism, because I'm famished.

Today I tried to eat something every two hours, which was better than the day before. But then I ran out of food by lunchtime!

I couldn't think of where to go downtown to get something quick. My favorite coffee shop doesn't have anything from our Magic Foods list, except sliced turkey.

Does anyone have any suggestions about restaurants and menu items that fit this challenge?

This weekend when I have more time, I'm going to have to do more food preparation ...

Beth said...

This is a great discovery! I’ve had clients like you who have had similar experiences! In one case she realized how her food (and drink) intake was suppressing her appetite whereas once she started listening to and feeding her machine and fine-tuning her food intake, she operated better. One of those appetite suppressants is coffee, most especially with non-dairy creamer in liquid or powder!

Fast food… off hand I know Baja Fresh is a little ways away from your office, but you could potentially get one of their hearty lunches like fajitas and make 2 meals out of it.

Fajitas with lean chicken and bell peppers, onions
Opt for corn tortillas with that and maybe they would throw in a salad instead of rice.

OR just get the rice and skip the tortillas.

How about in downtown you go to the Great Plate and get an entrée and “ditto”, make 2 meals out of it

Entrée with a nice lean chicken or steak as well as their veggies (ask them to skip the butter) and get a baked potato or rice pilaf. It’s not the end of the world to have a white rice so long as it’s not laden in butter or grease!

Get the idea? 

Once you get on track, and the challenge is over, you can incorporate different mini-meals here and there while saving money and making one purchase work as 2 meals!

Overall, with your home-packed meals, be sure to add either an EFA (or two sometimes) or the spoonful of olive oil or even flax oil to give you some health fat to satiate you!

Good work, Cheri!!

Ashley said...

I ran into a similar problem so I went to McDonalds...I know... and asked for a grilled ceaser chicken salad. Since the salads are pre-made the ceaser comes with the least, just lettuce and cheese, everything else comes in this package that you throw in. So I took off all the cheese and the rest has the lettuce, with the grilled chicken, and I asked for a different dressing, balsamic vinaigrette. So I pout a very little bit of the light balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Its a bit work, but that's only if you have nothing else to eat.
Hope I helped!