Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Challenge - Day One of 21

Yesterday was a great day and felt nice by the end of the day. Have to admit teaching yoga and my belly right there in the mirror made me remember how I let getting sick and injured the past months let me slip somewhat on my eating...it happens to everyone!

I always feel great when I get back on track like this, the evening was a little difficult because I wanted something more when I wasn't even hungry! Oh, the mind can trick you!

Here's my meals:

1 egg + 2 egg whites
Bell peppers
2 corn tortillas

Turkey meat
Celery sticks
1 corn tortilla

Baked chicken
Bell peppers
Brown rice

(Waited too long for my next meal which was dinner... because I had a clogged kitchen sink that required work! I should have ate around 5 on my way home)

Lean steak
Asparagus with parsley
Brown rice with Cheri's olive oil

Tada! Great day!

Comments?? How did you do??

Laurie had a great share in Camp about her favorite rice...tell us Laurie!
Eva also told us about her spinach saute...please post these ideas for us!



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