Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Challenge - Day Seven of 21


For a Sunday, things were all good!

Breakfast 9:30
Eggs 2 (1 white)
Turkey sausage
Breakfast potatoes
Bell pepp

Turkey meat
Corn tort

Lean beef stir fry
Brown rice
String beans

Hanging in barely!! haha. Just having a bit of a hard time with this! :)


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Cheri Matthews said...

OK, it's time to comment!

I'm liking this challenge. At first, I felt like my friend who has had gastric bypass surgery, hungry and deprived and always thinking about my next meal.

But I'm feeling healthier, and I'm getting this. I really don't have to munch on crackers and bread all day long. I don't need sugar, either.

Now if I can just get my co-workers to stop bringing me yummy peach pie!

- Cheri