Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Challenge - Day Three of 21

Greetings! Today was pretty good! I packed up the cooler for ALL day and found that toward the end of the day, water got in the lunchmeat container and - MAN, that tasted like CRUD!! I ate out at Whole Foods Market and did fine. Purposely I ate at 6:00pm so I wouldn't be hungry when I got home, but after having taught 3 classes all day (and working it) I WAS in fact hungry when I got home! Kept it light and did my best!

In case it was unclear... I do have multi-vitamin and EFA at my 3 main meals - I don't want to type it every meal over and over agian!

Corn tort
Bell peppers (standard)
Black coffee

Chicken breast

Chicken breast & thigh meat
Brown rice
String beans
Mushrooms & tomatoes!
Green tea
Whole Foods YUMMY!

Icky bite of water-logged lunchmeat
Brown rice
Celery sticks
Mushrooms & tomatoes

Salad w/chicken breast & tomatoes
Olive oil dressing

OK! The cold food gets so boring so when I get my food hot, it's nice!

Hang in there everyone...lots of comments are roling in...
Some are learning and doing great and others, mixed feelings have been expressed! Some have been there before and it's hard to get back at first.

You are never alone!

Cheers and see you at Camp or at class....



Ashley said...

We made this great chicken breast out on the grill tonight! Grilled the bell peppers too and steamed some jasmine rice. I felt like I was cheating! =)

The other night we made a really tasty stir fry. Cooked some chopped new potatoes with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Browned some pre-cooked chicken slices in the pan and added sauteed mushrooms. Stirred it together with a little chili powder seasoning (or what ever you prefer). Very good and filling!
*You can also substitute the potatoes with brown rice and its similar to fried rice! =)

Beth said...

Awesome, Ashley! YUM-O

I am about to do some bulk cooking this afternoon for the week. That's where I lagged in being prepared towards the late end of the week (especially on Camp nights)

Please do share more. I know how you all like stuff with some "spice" for sure!!

How is the Challenge going for you?

You were workin super hard last week at Camp. Keep on it!

Say hi to LisaLisa!!


Ashley said...

This challenge is pretty awesome! I'm doing good but I am going to Santa Cruz for three days and I'm going to self indulge! So when I get back I'm going to be very strict. I hate weighing myself but I definitely know I lost weight by the way my clothes fit. This challenge makes me feel so good, when you change your eating regime it really does wonders; I think that's why I like it so much!