Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hello friends,

After a fun weekend of a few treats of bacon and eggs and my favorite latte, I am ready to begin tomorrow. Ok, I did not do anything crazy, but I did finish up the popsicles! HAHA Life's too short!

Here's what I've been doing today:
  • Shopping!!
  • Extra protein like chicken and turkey is cooked and bagged, ready-to-go
  • Protein shakes and oatmeal is off the shelf
  • Hard boiled eggs are peeled and stinkin my fridge!!
  • Brown rice is cooked and packed up
  • Veggies are cut and either ready for snacking or ready-to-saute
I'm ready for the challenge to get back on track after months of...injury, illness, more injury, more illness, a fall... hmmm... what else?? No more slacking! It't time to boost all and make that change!

Are you ready to rock!!???

I will be toting the scale and the tape measure as well as the body-fat calipers all week. Find me on location in Livermore, Form Factor, Starbucks (with a misto in hand - aka black coffee) and Tracy!!

Cheers and see you soon,


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