Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The 2-Week Challenge - Day Nine

OK, now we're talkin! Everyone seems to be lookin' like they are changing. Cool stuff! I enjoy the comments and am thrilled you are learning some lessons. Great job!

Today I got very exhausted prior to my 2:15pm afternoon snack and prior to the 6:45pm dinner. That was a bummer, but I can tell my body is really getting used to the 3 hours or so in-between meals and 4 + hours just didn't cut it today! I think I needed more food today because yesterday I had 3 1/2 classes I taught (and worked very hard) and I needed replenishment. So glad I have been bring the cooler with my goodies all day. I have been using it like crazy! Tomorrow will be a bigger cooler as I need more variety AND tomorrow is yet another day where I teach and work hard all day long!

I hit the store as I am running out of fresh veggies like fast! The prices are very high though... is it almost time to plant the veggie garden???

Today's food intake was:

1 corn tortilla
String beans

Leftover BBQ chicken breast
Brown rice
String beans

More leftover BBQ chicken breast
1 Corn tortilla
Cherry tomatos

Crispy spiced potatoes (yummy recipe is in a previous post)

I was so hungry for dinner I ate too fast and had 2 Tums for dessert ;)

That's it for today...


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