Thursday, January 15, 2015

21-Day Challenge, Day 3 Continued

Interesting how when I walked by the new Asian restaurant, The smell of fried food made me sick. I prepared myself with meals for my workday (and sent meals along with my sweetie to work as well!). Later in the evening even after the delicious bowl of homemade Pho, The delicious smells the Banccroft and Telegraph we're screaming at me! Thankfully my only purchase was the damn fee to take money out of a different ATM!

8 ounces aloe vera juice
Black coffee

Meal 1
Two hard boiled eggs
Celery sticks
Cherry tomatoes
(it was enough to get me out the door while preparing other meals and doing house chores)

Meal 2
Homemade Pho

Meal 3
Vegetarian Ba Bim Bop (spelled correctly?)
It's basically Jasmine rice cooked in a rice cooker with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil.
Salad with hard-boiled egg.
All in one bowl! Usually it's made with grilled meat or chicken or seafood.

Probably not enough food. Eating clean along with consuming water and getting in lots of steps is feeling much better after today.

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