Friday, May 15, 2015

Queso, Page Turning and Things

Leaving Atlanta

OK so (cheese) its about time I finished the book Wild. On the flight home from Atlanta, Georgia, I am fully loaded for the 2 layovers to California and home.

I loved the book, Wild, and will now be interested in seeing the movie. As usual, my only reading time is on an airplane, in the pedicure chair at the nail salon or the rare and short read before sleep. Hiking is one of my most favorite pastimes and I look forward to opportunities to do it as much as possible! To think of doing a backpacking trip and the transformation that would take place is so exciting. I know that my best friend and love of my life and I will take on this journey later this year or next Spring.
The transformation that occurs in a day hike is more the wonderful and you will know this once you do it. I cannot wait until Sunday to hike!

Back to the airplane -- just about to make the first stop in Houston, Texas. Oh how I wish the layovers didn't mean "butts stay in seats" because I would love to peruse the airport! People to watch, new book titles to discover and pricy treats to mull over before. Fun!

On to the next book, A Walk in the Woods, which is another book about hiking! My babe had this one already on the shelf as Bill Bryson is a favorite author of his. Ironically, this title is a movie now too! So much to see and do! I prefer to read the book first, then see the movie...

Of the books I've read before watching the movie:

The Secret Life of Bees - by Sue Monk Kidd
Big Fish - by Daniel Wallace
The Lovely Bones - by Alice Sebold
The Notebook - by Nicholas Sparks
Message in a Bottle - same
A Time to Remember - same

My preference is reading the paper or hardcover books as the feel, smell and look of a book is so unique.


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