Saturday, June 9, 2007

Amidst Kettlebells and Paperwork

It's a beautiful day in Tracy where I am multi-tasking and listening to endless Fall Out Boy music in the backround hallway. Was I that crazy about music when I was young?

I am working on some kettlebell routines and advanced studies for a couple of clients and also sifting through, tackling and filing paperwork that never ends.

The next 6 week "OUTDOOR FITNESS CAMP" in Livermore begins in a few weeks. One good week of rest coming ahead. The parks have been wonderful in the last few months. Cannot wait to play and hope for the best weather.

What's next?
AMAZING stuff is ahead this year. Meanwhile I am trying to maintain my teaching schedule along with adding in a few of my own workouts.

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Laura Smith said...


I think that week 2 is going to be great. I am feeling good about the way I look and feel. Thank you Beth for all the time and care that you give to us all.